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Mar 1, 2018

In today’s Dharma and Dollars show, I connect with Dana Skoglund, about building a system for your own career or leveraging the system you already have in place. There are people whose strength lies in creating their own system and building it from the ground up and there are others whose natural talents are better used to reinvent someone else’s system. If you’re wondering which type of person you are, this episode is for you.

We rap about being lifelong learners and experimenters by being open and receptive to new ideas and new systems. Is it your natural genius to build and create your own system or not? Are you open to changing your paradigm and learning what you truly want to learn in the process?  What are you learning right now that you need to turn around and teach others?

Find out the answers to these questions and more, as well as how to best uplevel yourself and your system for rapid evolution and career development, in today's podcast.


I rap with Donna Skoglund about systems and leverage:

  • The system of Bowspring yoga, its challenges and its benefits
  • Why it is so important to be open to new ideas, to drop our expectations and our ego and to always be experimenting
  • Dynamic dharma, what is working and not working and how we can constantly improve ourselves and our systems


What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • Why yoga is essential in our fast paced, movement based lives
  • The difference between someone whose innate talent is to create their own system vs. someone who’s natural abilities are in improving a system that’s already in place  
  • How to get yourself to your desired goal, faster




Show Highlights:

  • 5:05- The system of Bowspring yoga and changing your paradigm to evolve yourself
  • 16:05- How we can build or leverage our own system and realize our natural genius
  • 20:30- What are you learning right now that you need to teach in order to integrate what you’ve learned?
  • 21:10- Tools for developing and refining systems to get you to your end goal faster
  • 25:30- Creating language, streamlining concepts and being able to express an idea simply
  • 28:20- Always be learning, always be pushing your growth edge, always be experimenting

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Being open to change your paradigm of what’s proper alignment.” - Dana Skoglund
  • “How open are you to learning what you really want to learn? “ -Cate Stillman
  • “What are you learning right now that you need to turn around and teach?” - Cate Stillman
  • “It takes about a year for people to get to habit automation.” - Cate Stillman


Dana Skoglund- Dana is a certified Yoga Health Coach, yoga teacher and a mother of 2 rambunctious young boys. She has been studying yoga since 2000, teaching since 2004 and has over 1000 hours of training (in the styles of Jivamukti, Anusara and Sridaiva/bowspring). Eventually Dana’s desire to take her health and wellbeing into her own hands and to learn how to keep her family healthy led her to Ayurveda in 2011. After implementing the daily routine of Ayurveda and noticing the profound impact it had on her energy and happiness, she began coaching clients into these better body habits in 2013 after her Yoga Health Coach training. She aims to inspire others about the importance of healthy habits in crafting the life of their dreams.