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Jun 26, 2015

Contemporary Women’s Ayurveda with Alicia Diaz: Embrace Your Queen

In this interview Alicia Diaz inspires women to take a 21st century approach to the Ayurvedic teachings, love their bodies, listen to the “the Queen” inside and step into their Dharma.


Alicia talks about her own path to Ayurveda and describes her early, very Western, view of physiology. As former athlete and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Alicia experienced thriving on “go go” but ultimately burnt out. She found more than she was bargaining for in these ancient teachings, including the ability to recognise and place in context, skills which had lain dormant since childhood.


Alicia talks about the difficulties women face in our modern, masculine paradigm, society and how easy it is to find ourselves at either end of a spectrum. Finding that either femininity is compromised to survive and succeed in a masculine environment, or alternatively losing ourselves in femininity at the expense of focus.


In this episode we learn that:


  • It’s possible to keep ourselves in middle ground using a subconscious repatterning technique which encourages us to embrace our inner archetypes.

  • As an alternative to therapy, we can bring about rapid change in our psyche by forcing a healing crisis. The technique used to provoke and support us through the healing crisis is subconscious repatterning.  Through this process we are encouraged to examine and embrace our inner archetypes at a deeper level, and to recognise the divine within the archetype and ourselves.

  • This recognition of our connection with the divine automatically raises our game. Once the recognition is there, and we tap into this, any actions outside our truth, naturally and predictably, give rise to depletion.

  • Our rituals ground us and ultimately lead us to success in our chosen path but a modern day Dinacharya can be made very specifically our own. It could well be fun filled and include singing and dancing and moon gazing.

  • When we connect with the divine inside and align ourselves with our Dharma we become the vessel through which water flows not the cup which empties and needs refilled.




Alicia is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist who competed in Olympic Triathlons. As a former Director of an Exercise Rehabilitation and Wellness Facility in New York City, she has a vast understanding of the  human body, the disease process and rehabilitation. However, when her own health began to fail she was forced to seek answers outside the allopathic model.

Alicia was introduced to Ayurveda whilst doing yoga teacher training and eventually went on to complete her Ayurvedic training with Dr Vasant Lad. She brings her unique skill set to her present work; inviting busy modern women to love and care for their bodies.

Show HIghlights:


  • Women can connect with the feminine aspect and do great work and produce in the world; acting from a place from a  place of wholeness. 13.25

  • We are human vessels which house the divine. 23.00

  • How present would you be if you had God to dinner? If your physical body was a temple for God to live in? 34.20

  • (Ayureveda) is a living and breathing relationship. A dynamic dance that is unique to you. 38.15

  • Keep connecting to fullness. What would bring you most joy? Let your rituals be guided from there.  1.07



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