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Oct 8, 2018

In the chaotic and stimulating modern age, we often find ourselves living in our minds rather than our bodies. This can lead us to getting out of sync with the habits that allow us to thrive. Richard Hudak began his detox journey with Yogidetox in the fall of 2010, and has regularly returned to the practice seasonally ever since. When he began this transformation, he was 45 lbs heavier and out of tune with his body.

The Yogidetox program has provided him with a support community that has guided him through a powerful mental and physical transformation.

Richard and Jessica talk about how people may feel resistant when it comes to starting such a detox program. Overcoming this resistance is critical, whether it be with a support buddy or due to a sudden change in mindset. Richard’s personal journey involved getting more in touch with his physical activity needs by practicing cycling regularly. He found himself in 100k races not for the competition, but for the satisfaction of doing it for himself.

As the weight fell off and his health habits improved, Richard found his body naturally pulling him into the seasonal detoxes. With a better connection between his mind and body, Richard has been able to transform his mental and physical well-being. Learn how you can do the same for yourself with Yogidetox!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to achieve weight loss through detoxing
  • Why support is necessary when cleansing
  • Why regular detoxing is so powerful

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Show Highlights:

  • 6:40 - In a detox experience, we want to avoid focusing on weight loss too much because it is such a narrow goal. We want to instead focus on the long-term habits we can instill in ourselves.
  • 11:20 - While Yogidetox may seem like an individual experience, it actually is strongly based on the online support community. Once people step into the process and the forums, they recognize themselves as people that are contributing to a group traversing similar health journeys.
  • 15:45 - People have resistance when it comes to beginning things such as yoga or starting cleanses. Ensuring accountability buddies to join with you or even to simply provide support leads to more probably success.
  • 23:55 - Richard describes how after regular detoxing, his body has a sense for the seasonal change and a desire for the detox. By accustoming our bodies to these cleansing periods, we can naturally feel our bodies pull us into seasonal detoxing.
  • 25:50 All of us have a tendency to live more in our heads. With all the stimulus and rushing in a modern world, these cleanses allow us to live more in tune with our bodies.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “It involves taking ownership of yourself - where you are and where you want to be. “ - Jessica Graham Robinson
  • “ Its me coming into something that I clearly have enjoyed and being better that.” - Richard Hudak
  • “Sound mind, sound body.” - Richard Hudak
  • “Adding in the Yogidetox was another layer, another piece, another supportive practice.” - Richard Hudak
  • “I got this! The meal will return! I will nourish myself when the time is right.” - Richard Hudak


Guest BIO:

Richard Hudak "Talking about yogidetox"

My first one was fall of 2010. Also done other detoxes with other practitioners other than Kate.

We all had transformational experiences. Getting better at listening and doing what our bodies want. This has been a really big journey for you. Physical journey as well.

  • 2:30 - I started practicing yoga at the end of 2005, certainly began a transformation. Doing the detox was complimentar to that. Trimming down, but wasn’t losing weight. Adding muscle, but adding in the yogidetox was another layer, andother, piece, andother supportive practice.” This spring was another deeper spiral in, and for me it kind of propelled me back into my love of road bycyling. Used lightness to do this. 100k charity ride. Athletic events, not competitive, but this is a different side of me I am experiencing.

  • 4:40 - Big shifts in what he wants to do with cycling.

    Teacher says to think of ourselves as athletes. Schedules supportive practices for yourselves. 25 years ago it was commuting. But to reengage that. “ Its me coming into something that I clearly have enjoyed and being better that.”

  • 6:40 - dont want to focus on weight too much. Kate would say don’t get on the scale. That’s not what this is about. That is a narrow goal. The way that people respond to him. I went from like 215 to like 185. There were some yoga friends that said, you are half the many you were.

  • 8:50 - giant billboard, have people joined because of you.

  • 9:10 - it is so interesting to face resistances face to face.  I had reasons not to do this at the start. Got it from yoga students and friends and also resistance. I hope I don’t make it sounds like a bigger deal than it is. I very often find that people are looking for a one size-fits-all solution.” Tell me what to do. Still have to inhabit a wellness model.

  • 10:45 - This is a very on your own detox. Involves taking ownership of yourself, where you are and where you want to be. “

  • 11:20 - once people step into the process and the forums, then people recongnize themselves as people that are contributing to the community. Once you are embraced, I’ve found someone who is experiencing the same things as you. I’ve got a craving, I had an energy bar. Hearing the “it happens” makes you feel so much better.

  • 12:50 - there are so many people on the team. Was one of the reasons you did not join because of the idea of being in a group turns them off from it. It can feel very intimidating, it is just a hang up, it is in your own mind.

  • 13:45 - people explain in my yoga classes that going to actual classes helps because of seeing what others do and getting alignment cues from the teacher really make the difference.

  • 14:30 - I think we are an individualistic culture, but also a nation of joiners. Social media is effecting that. Social medica gives us the allusion that we are connected when we are really not. Typically the yogidetox, friends that I have never met in person.

  • 15:45 - people have resistence, and the same type i had when initially attending yoga workshops. Totally worth the investment. Same is true as the detox. Get in as an early bird. You have accountablity buddies if you join with other people. I notice with yoga students. Regular attendees come with buddies. It insulates the merging with other people.

  • 17:30 - Initially for me, where is Cate. She's so far. I have learn so much and i've gained so many tools. It enhances my day job. Sometimes i'm teaching four classes in a row, and sometimes large classes of students an dusing my voice all day long. Drinking lemon water all day allows me to support that. Taking space and quiet time. Consciously eating meals. Gives me some pause in the middle of my hectic day.

  • 19:00- I have not done bodythrive. Has the book right here on my desk. Use it during the yogidetox.

  • 19:45 - so at one plateau 30 lbs lost, and since the beginning 45 lbs. Its always more than that.

    That's the physical piece. You're choosing to do different things with your body. Emotionally or mentally or a subtle way, what can you say about those shifts that you've made.
  • 20:50 - But don’t panic. I feel that is a somatic experience. Okay, I am going to work with my mind and be calm. When I first started to practice yoga. Don’t panic I got this. Trying not to snack in the middle of the day. Intermittent fasting, got this feeling like - “I got this! The meal will return! I will nourish myself when the time is right.”

  • 22:30 - This is somatic, bodily experience too. For me, that's been important. Being an academic and a lot in the mind, it has been important to reinhabit the body. In my teaching philsophy, latin phrase “Sound mind, sound body.” The emotional experience.

  • 23:55 - I feel myself pulled into each seasonal cleanse. Like checking my watch, sensing the change in the season, and saying its time. I fell myself naturally pulled into each seasonal cleanse.

  • 24:35 It is habitual, but you are able to listen more deeply and you are able to hear what your body is really asking for.

  • 25:00 A sensing into nature. Spring can break early or late, fall is more consistent. Seems always right. I start looking at the calendar and the email. Yogidetox is coming up again! The body leads the mind there. Habitual practice.

  • 25:50 Living more within and from you body. All of us have a tendency to live more in our heads. So much stimulus and rushing, those are so valuable in everyday life.

  • 26:25 - I get in the car and don't turn on the radio. This is what I do when i cleanse. I don’t turn the radio on right away as a matter of habit. Drive in peace. Imagining hell be listening to some of the calls in the car. Its a treasure.


What is the next evolution of Richard


  • 27:45 Habit and routine. When am I gonna have all the time to do this? It fits in by becoming habit. Scrape my tongue, start the hot water. However, I am a person that can get stuck in other kinds of routines that don’t serve.  Where I am coming to the community, how do I deal with the discrepancy between the routines that serve and those that do not. Where does that pattern take you to?

  • 29:40 - doing these seasonal cleanses, you've got the whole body thrive mindset. You're in that place. Habits. As we adopt these new habits and line up with nature a lot of these other things fall into place naturally. Once you find those, its not like you have to cram it in. something else must have fallen away, some things are deeply ingrained habits that we have to more consciously disentangle myself from emotional eating. Patterns of media consumption. How do i stay connected and informed enough, how do I also not let that go.

  • 32:45 One of the things that has always impressed me about yoga teachers is that they are also students. Those are also students of other teachers. We go deeper or more subtle, we forget and remember. Seasonal cycle of entering the stream with the community. Its always in a supportive way.