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Mar 27, 2017

I just in yet another Ayurveda book that fasting is dangerous. I couldn’t disagree more. The power of aligning to an optimized digestive fire involves some serious fasting. I love intermittent fasting - the 16/8 method -where you fast for 16 hours per 24 hour cycle and have 8 hours of feed time.

In today’s episode I give you my 10 best tips in hopes of inspiring you to stop eating so frequently. I want you to experience the joys of deep fat metabolism. And if you want support in transitioning - get your a$$ in the Yogidetox. In there me and my team can escalate your bliss.

I rap with you about my Ayurvedic Experiment with Intermittent Fasting

  1. It's only challenging for a week.
  2. Big Green Smoothie or Juice (with soaked Chia seeds for great elimination), an hour later - 2 eggs/toast or whatever, then a big meal about 5 hours later
  3. If you want to evolve what you're eating, do that after you change WHEN you're eating.
  4. Self massage with tons of oil
  5. Don't give up coffee or tea if you drink it
  6. Be ahead in the hydration game
  7. Eat better oils - I've been using avocado, and small amounts of dark organic chocolate. when i go back to the USA I suspect I'll use more soaked almonds and almond butter.
  8. If you can - sell your dining partners on trying the 16/8 for a week
  9. Do something you enjoy in the time you'd otherwise be eating. I take a walk, a swim, play with family, do yoga.
  10. Don't worry about your social calendar in the long run. How you feel opens new gateways and relationalships. Youll find your rhythm. Expect great evolution.


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