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Jan 4, 2016

Phew! It’s back to you! This episode is all about you turning toward your 2016. Time to redecorate. Time to evaluate. Time to connect with what you hunger for. Ayurveda expert, Lisa Coffey, joins me on today’s show. It’s just two Ayurvedic gals talking about what our post-holidays look like in terms of our rituals and habits. Plus, I grabbed a chunk of the New Year’s Day Better Body Habits webinar - you can still listen to the entire webinar here:–2016. Today’s episode gets you centered while teaching you how to reverse engineer the habits to meet your 2016 goals. This is rocket science, but I make it exceedingly simple.

In this interview with Lisa Coffey we talk about:

  • How to reset after the holidays
  • 3 Tips to Clear Your Space, inside and out
  • How to create Silent Night, Holy Night next season
  • Is it time for a vision board?
  • The basics of Ayurvedic daily rhythm to shrink your stomach back to normal

What I mention in this Episode:       

  • How to reverse engineer the habits to meet your new goal
  • Reflect on this holiday season and plant the seeds for an aligned next holiday season.
  • The 5 pitfalls we humans have in reaching our goals

Links from the Conversation: