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May 26, 2022

Podcast Intro:

A well-functioning immune system protects the body against sickness and infection. 

When the immune system fails, it destroys healthy cells, tissues, and organs by mistake. These attacks, known as autoimmune diseases, can damage any region of the body, compromising bodily function and potentially posing a life-threatening hazard. 

You can imagine that if your cells are attacking each other, there isn't much balance or harmony in the body, which isn't a good foundation for good health. It requires balance and harmony to function properly. So, how do we give our bodies the balance they require?

Tune in as Cate talks about the correlation of autoimmune with habits, and what can you do to target the root cause of this dreaded illness.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What are the early symptoms of Chronic Diseases
  • Difference between allostasis and homeostasis in autoimmune
  • Two digestive operating systems on a cellular level



  • Cate talks about the ancestor’s knowledge that everyone has different body types
  • Cate talks about the dangers of negative bias
  • Cate talks about the inflammation-causing confusion in physiology


  • [05:26] - The Modern Healthcare System 
  • [07:41] - Symptoms of Autoimmune Fatigue
  • [14:47] - Different Body Types
  • [19:01] - Counter Negative Bias with Positive Bias
  • [26:21] - Circadian Rhythm Habits
  • [28:11] - Rewards of the Healing Journey
  • [32:43] - How Diet Affects your Body
  • [39:08] - Fasting vs. Over-eating


  • "I also want people with the symptoms of autoimmune where their symptoms without a diagnosis to be able to potentially prevent going down the path of having a scary diagnosis."
  • "The endocrine system is the big communicator of the body. If we understand that the fatty tissue of the body is an endocrine system right then we have to understand that like okay, the stakes are high if we're carrying too much weight."
  • "In terms of personality, people with more Vata, or wind in their type, the lighter type, so they'll naturally be excited, they'll naturally be fun to be around, light-hearted, quick to remember, quick to forget, and quick to forgive." 
  •  "It's easy for anybody to feel overwhelmed, and what we need to correlate is that overwhelm is an emotion of inflammation. If we entertain that emotion, meaning we don't do something to change our emotional state, what can happen that can turn the tide of a symptom of autoimmune into a disease of autoimmune."
  • "One of the scariest things about negative bias is it decreases your neuroplasticity. It makes you less able to learn something new. Negative bias to become less capable of diet and lifestyle changes."

Guest BIO: Cate Stillman

Cate Stillman started She educates wellness professionals on how to have a more significant impact and earn more money while also living their best lives, and she gives thrive-seekers the tools they need to do just that. Founded in 2001, Cate's website has helped thousands of people achieve their health, family, and community goals.

Her Ayurveda courses, Body Thrive and Living Ayurveda have a profound effect on the lives of individuals who participate. Paddling and surfing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer are two activities she enjoys the most.