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Feb 9, 2016

What do chemistry, sauerkraut and awake living have in common?

This podcast episode! But besides this podcast episode, chemistry, sauerkraut and awake living have the law of transformation in common. You live in the culture of you. The culture of you is a field of biochemical activity, similar and more complex than the jar of sauerkraut in my fridge, and the other one brewing on my kitchen counter.

Chemistry is about the Laws of energy and matter. If you see the world through a material lens, you talk a lot of about changes of matter at the level of molecular interaction. If you see the world through an energetic or Ayurvedic lens you talk about the spectrum of energy from subtle to gross, with gross energy looking a lot like matter. Through either lens, it’s all about the laws of nature, actions and reactions, and being able to consistently predict cause and effect. And for the hippie-dippies out there who don’t dig science, you’ll love this: Chemistry becomes from the word alchemy. So if you love the concept of alchemy… you really love chemistry.

In this episode, I also reveal the books that are pivotal in my life right now. I love to overeat books. I consume books in batches. Batches that complement each other. Stay tuned for the books on my list.

In this episode I talk about:

  • My recipe for Ridiculously simple sauerkraut and why you are ridiculous if you don’t make your own sauerkraut
  • My current list of must-read books for Awake Living

Highlight of this Episode: Sacred Chemistry Ayurvedic Lesson with Cate

  • Prana is short for Prana Vayu
  • You are The Chemist + You have 3 Tools -What transport, turnover and storage have to do with your cells and your consciousness
  • Are you a hyper-transporter, a hyper-turnoverer or a hyper-structuralist?

Links from the Conversation:

Cate’s book list

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