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Sep 8, 2018

When we are looking to feel better or to improve chronic health issues, we may turn to a range of remedies, including drugs or lifestyle changes. However, it is easy to lose hope when these remedies or changes do not work, which is oftentimes the case. Drugs are likely to target only symptoms of disease, and not the actual root cause. People following Ayurvedic habits may find they feel better, but that they can’t completely achieve the health transformation they seek in order to thrive.

Eric Karchmer has 20 years of education in Chinese medicine, and through his work at Dao Labs, he is bringing ancient wisdom back to modern times. Dao Labs offers herbal remedies for a variety of health issues, and they are all rooted in the ancient teachings of Chinese herbal medicine.

Eric and Cate chat about what Chinese medicine has to offer to the modern world with knowledge regarding herbs and herbal combinations. The products at Dao Labs address common underlying health issues in the population, so more people can bring this great wisdom into their modern lives. We know that not getting enough sleep can cause a myriad of health issues down the road. Dao Labs offers two different sleep remedies based on different underlying imbalances.

Often, even with lifestyle changes, we need something more to really get at the imbalances in our systems in order to feel better, and thrive sooner. Chinese medicine can be that powerful missing piece that gets us headed in the right direction.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How Chinese medicine can improve your sleep
  • Why it is important to combine herbs in remedies
  • How to address underlying deficiencies 


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Show Highlights:

  • 8:30 - In our modern age, we have drifted from nature and lost contact with the plants around us. By utilizing traditional Chinese medicine, we can see how different plants and herbs powerfully interact to treat a wide range of underlying health issues and deficiencies.
  • 19:50 - Dao Labs advertises two formulas to help with sleep, which is something many people struggle with across the world. Each one addresses separate underlying deficiencies which manifest as different symptoms. One of them might be right for you.
  • 27:20 - Even if we are following profound lifestyle habits such as those taught in Ayurveda, this may not be enough to overcome underlying physiological imbalances that plague our health. An herbal formula taken regularly for a period of time can correct these imbalances and take you to the next level.


Your Favorite Quotes:

  • As soon as it gets to complexity, people are already overwhelmed.” - Cate Stillman
  • “There’s a certain ways of thinking about plants and their properties and how they work together that is very helpful” - Dr. Eric Karchmer
  • There is this huge respect for the intelligence for these plants.” - Cate Stillman
  • Anything made in a lab denatures your pallet.” - Cate Stillman


Guest BIO:

Dr. Eric Karchmer’s interest in Chinese medicine began when he visited Taiwan to teach English 30 years ago. He holds both a PhD in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. His research focuses on modern developments of Chinese medicine in China. With over 20 years of education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Eric Karchmer develops DAO Labs’ proprietary herbal formulas.

As a respected academic thought leader and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Eric designs the most efficacious mix of herbs to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. He has published several academic articles and is currently working on the final copy of his new book, Double Truths, Postcolonial Transformations in Chinese Medicine.
In addition to regularly teaching at Appalachian State University, Eric can also be found helping clients using Chinese medicine at his clinic in Boone, North Carolina. At his clinic, he practices both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. His wife and three children are, not surprisingly, big fans of Chinese medicine as well. Connect with Dr. Eriv on WebsiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.