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Nov 18, 2016

I’m all for moving the conversation forward. Thus, I interrupt. When I’m coaching a large group - which is at least a few times a week - I keep an ear to the person in the hot seat and an ear to the group.

When the hot seater goes too deep into background story or veers off track into TMI - I interrupt. While I’ve found this a very effective technique in hot seat coaching with large groups - I had some questions about teaching this technique to other coaching and teaching it as part of evolutionary conversation skills.

I rap with Denise Green about Skillful Interruption in Coaching
  • Learn when to interrupt
  • Get the low-down on when it’s rude
  • Find out how to honor where you want the conversation to go next, while honoring the speaker

What you’ll get out of tuning in    

  • Tips on attuning to a bigger dharma
  • Which apps Cate is grateful for this week



Denise is a speaker, writer, and executive coach who's passionate about helping people go from burned out to brilliant. She uses brain-based approaches to help people lower stress, build new habits, communicate powerfully, build and maintain great relationships, and say no gracefully to people and tasks that aren't aligned with their passions, values, and goals.

Originally from Kansas, she's called the Bay Area home since 1993. She lives in Oakland with her amazing daughter and her wonder-mutt Andy.