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Oct 30, 2017

When I started this show years ago — we’ve just passed episode 300, which is kind of mindblowing — I was talking with Ayurvedic specialists and other people in my field. People asked me to put those shows on the internet, so I turned them into podcasts. Hundreds of episodes later, I’m now able to talk to more people I really respect outside of the field of Ayurveda. One of these people is Danielle LaPorte. She’s on the show today.

Some of you may have heard of Danielle before. She created The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map. She’s educated tons and tons of amazing coaches out there. She’s one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 — a group who’s “uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters,” in Oprah’s words. Danielle also has one of the top 100 websites for women, as judged by Forbes. Millions of people visit her website every month for her Truthbombs.

What I love about Danielle is that she’s able to cut through the cultural clutter and find the deep truths from deep wisdom traditions. She’s able to interpret them in a poetic way that really reaches people at all stages and life situations. See why chatting with her is my dream come true in this episode!


I rap with Danielle LaPorte about keeping it real on your spiritual path:

  • How ambition and devotion are intertwined
  • How we deal with anger and forgiveness while trying to be compassionate creatures
  • Why and how to make a difference when you’re feeling overwhelmed

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Learn how simplicity can help you better serve others (and yourself) in deeper and wider ways
  • Find out what the weightiness of presence is and why it’s important to live with
  • See how to determine what you need to say no to in life to find your big inner yes




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Show Highlights:

  • 9:00 — Much of Danielle’s work comes from experiential wisdom — experiential living driven from within, creating from within, exploring from within. There’s a lot that comes along with wisdom traditions — including cultural dysfunctionality. Danielle illuminates how her experiences and explorations of those traditions taught her that nothing can make you impervious to weaknesses and that dysfunctionality.
  • 12:30 — Danielle explains her relationship to ambition and devotion. These concepts are related and can even be mistaken for each other, but they’re both part of living with fullness, expressing yourself freely, and even pursuing a career.
  • 19:30 — Sometimes it feels like the world and the events in it are getting tougher to process, but it’s still important to be present — even for the negative things. We all have different ways of working through the feelings, but the important thing is that we do so, not how we do so, and that we face them instead of pushing them away. Recognizing them and feeling their weight — feeling the weightiness of presence — is the first step.
  • 28:15 — Danielle describes the rhythm she finds in saying no to lots of things so she can focus on what she says yes to and get super-committed. Ask yourself what lights you up the most and if an option you’re considering is something you’re pumped about. Then, get feedback from others about how you can get there.
  • 34:30 — Collaborating with others gives us the power to fast-track our journeys of creating the world we want to create. But it’s vital to be able to communicate what our strengths are so we can understand each other and work together.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’m all for creating the world that I want to live in.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “So much beauty. So many answers. So many things that are truly healing. So much real wisdom. It changed my life.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “I have to be my own guru.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “Devotion feels like something that comes so much more from the heart.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “The simplest things are the easiest places to find the sacred.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “The simplicity is the imperative to the bigger service.” –Danielle LaPorte
  • “Scatteredness is a contemporary epidemic.” –Danielle LaPorte



Named one of the "Top 100 Websites for Women" by Forbes, millions of visitors go to DanielleLaPorte every month for her daily #Truthbombs and what's been called "the best place online for kickass spirituality." A speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist and Washington, D.C., think tank exec, Entrepreneur Magazine calls Danielle “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass…edgy, contrarian…loving and inspired.”

She’s the author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path—From One Seeker to Another, The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms, and The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals with Soul — the book that has been translated into eight languages and evolved into a yearly day planner system, a top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program with licensed facilitators in 15 countries.

Prior to founding, LaPorte was Executive Director of The Arlington Institute think tank in Washington, D.C., a partner at Carrie & Danielle, Inc., and a communications strategist at The Next Level communications agency. She was also a regular contributor on business and career topics on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News Network show, Connect with Mark Kelley. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her favorite philosopher, her son. You can find her @daniellelaporte just about everywhere on social media.