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Oct 26, 2017

One of my favorite topics is self-reinvention — the idea that we can create who we want to be next, and not only that we can but that we should. It’s a sign of an awake, connected, learning human being.

So, I invited my friend Edie Berg to talk about this topic. She’s a fellow podcaster and the founder of The Strong Women’s Club. She lives in Israel, and she and I have connected around this concept of being really fluid in our careers. That’s the main chunk of what we discuss in this episode, and you’ll hear about how Edie has taken experiences between jobs into new versions of her business.

As you listen, I want you to really think about who and what you want to become next. Can you be more fluid? Can you allow yourself to be Plastic Person so that who you’ve been in the past can be a toolkit that gently informs, but doesn’t determine, who you’re going to become next?


I rap with Edie Berg about developing your leadership skills:

  • What it means to transition niches
  • Why flexibility of character makes identity evolution easier
  • How it’s okay — and even an advantage — to switch careers or life paths as many times as you want to

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Learn how to translate your skill set to apply it to any role or life change you’re interested in
  • Find out how to recognize when you’re no longer excited about your career or what you do each day and formulate a plan for change
  • See how to make yourself available to what you’re interested in and learn easy ways to get started in being open to change



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Show Highlights:

  • 3:30 — It’s okay to take big leaps in your career and switch to something completely different. When you decide to make a transition to become the next version of yourself, there are many benefits to taking on a totally new role that fits with your shifting personality and your desires.
  • 6:15 — Edie tracks her global career journey from physical therapy management to private catering to managing a prestigious cybersecurity company to starting The Strong Women’s Club, which she’s focusing on now.
  • 13:00 — Sometimes fluidity in a career path is forced on women because of their life cycle and having children. Edie discusses how women seem to naturally accept and fall into this fluidity, but as career demands change, more men are using this opportunity and becoming more connected with family life, too. Barriers are dropping en masse in this day and age.
  • 20:50 — It’s important to start opening yourself up to new choices. Take a fraction of what you want to do and start doing it. Edie discusses several ways to start helping yourself get excited about making the changes you know you need to wake up with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you’re enjoying life.
  • 26:20 — Ask yourself what you’d rather be doing. Write down your answers. Block out time on your calendar to begin pursuing them. This is your starting point for your transition.
  • 29:50 — You don’t have to be a natural leader to start leading. It’s something you can learn, and it’s attainable. You can be a leader of a different type of person. It doesn’t matter who you are; it’s a process, and ambition is what’s important. Try hanging around ambitious people to start awakening your own ambition.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “You’re a different person when you’re 25 years old or when you’re 45 years old — and all the time.” –Edie Berg
  • “Whatever you need, you learn it as you grow.” –Edie Berg
  • “Be open to opportunities that are kind of scary — the unknown. It definitely makes for a good time.” –Edie Berg
  • “Our lives should be interesting. And if they’re not, we’ve got to take control of what is interesting next.” –Cate Stillman
  • “You can’t just quit your job and start something new because you feel like it. It takes a lot of planning and knowing yourself better and better as time goes on.” –Edie Berg
  • “What if what I want to do is what the universe wants me to do?” –Cate Stillman
  • “Women leaders in all different fields have an inner strength that is unshakeable.” –Edie Berg



Founder and CEO of The Strong Women's Club: Podcast | Summits | Masterminds. Based in Israel, Edie empowers women locally and globally.

Physical Therapist / Speaker / Consultant.

Founder and Producer of The Strong Jewish Women's Summit.

Edie helps women in Israel connect and build their sports-based businesses, with local and global mastermind events.

Edie is a consultant to businesses who know that their employees' health and wellness are key to the company's success.