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Sep 10, 2020

Do you feel stuck in a loop? Unconsciously repeating negative patterns, can be extremely painful and keep you from having a fulfilling life. Understand how an empathy map can help you identify your triggers and evolve.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to create an empathy map
  • How to access the intuitive body
  • How to identify your triggers

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • Cate explains the subtle body’s receptiveness
  • Cate talks about the intuitive body 
  • Cate shares her perspective on depression


  • 1:36 Understanding your intuitive body
  • 15:00 Using negative triggers to your advantage
  • 19:57 Ojas and depletion


  • What happens when you see the sunrise? A new day.