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Aug 27, 2020

Many people consider money to be the biggest limitation they face when trying to evolve. The problem, however, is in your beliefs about money. Find out how to get the money for the training that you want.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How to do a friendraiser 
  • How to have the right mindset 
  • How to approach your community

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Show Highlights:

  • Cate shares the importance of training for Dharma
  • Cate tells the story of Swami Rama
  • Cate explains the importance of being approachable


  • 3:01 The ability to ask your community for help
  • 8:02 The Law of Reciprocity 
  • 16:40 Getting into action and asking your community
  • 21:51 Solidifying your belief in yourself