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May 23, 2016

What a fun show this week. I teach you the why, when and how to have your favorite people walk on you. You are also privy to a conversation between yours truly and Julia
Hanlon, priestess over at Running on Om podcast. She is a spritely young yogini with a penchant for dialogue.

We dive into our life experiences in how to free up your shakti; your feminine current. You will start thinking about what habits will help you open up the next level of
flow and ease in your life. And you’ll get curious about what samskaras that are holding you back.

In todays podcast I talk with Julia Hanlon about:

How to have better workouts to achieve your fitness goals
Why you want to follow the flow of the divine feminine current
A few tips to balance structure and flow for optimal energy

What else is in this Episode :

  • Raw Herbal Caesar Dressing
  • How I'm healing my pulled groin

    Links from the Conversation:

Running on Om Website

How I optimized my day as a Yogi Mom


Julia Hanlon is the host of the Running On Om podcast, runner, yoga teacher, and student of life, passionate about asking questions that explore the mind, body, and spirit connection. The quest for these answers has led Julia to pursue podcasting, yoga, running, and a plant based lifestyle. In two years, Running On Om (ROO) has emerged as
one of the top health podcasts on iTunes, featuring over 180 interviews with a diverse group of wellness pioneers.