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May 18, 2017

Allie left her corporate marketing job to get her soul back. Yoga was her key “get out of jail free card.” She stopped numbing herself and starting taking care of her body and her spirit. Soon, The Journey Junkie was born.

In this conversation, we talk about why the Yoga and mindfulness movement co-arises with the “follow your calling out of your cubicle” movement. We dive into how to be smart and brave and get the next chapter of your life on.

Allie writes, “Aha moment for me: that our physical Yoga practice isn't enough to help do the work, to help us ‘live our journey’ (this is my motto within my community). As Yoga teachers, we have to introduce mindfulness and healthy habits, speak from a place of authenticity, share our shortcomings, and also touch on integration.”


I rap with Allie Van Fossen about busting out of cubicles to enjoy transformation:


  • Getting out of the box into a freedom-based lifestyle
  • Why we’re in a feedback loop of recycled ideas and inspiration
  • Why we need to stop defining our roles based on narrow thinking — if we’re in boxes, we’re keeping ourselves there
  • Why insurance for “staying safe” doesn’t provide actual assurance or security at all


What you’ll get out of tuning in:  

  • Learn why gossip gets phased out of the Yoga lifestyle
  • Understand The Numb Path vs. The Growth Path
  • See why real living always lands you in the unknown
  • Learn how to focus on the next chapter of your life instead of the big wide open
  • Find out to what degree you’re tapping into the capacities of your chakras




Show Highlights:

  • 2:20 — Allie brings up a personal example to discuss how walking away from the box — the safety net — helps you get lit up with something you really love to do.
  • 4:45 — We’re called to follow different people and ideas, but getting stuck in a workflow loop and sitting at a desk all day prevent that by leading to a rut of “absolute blah.”
  • 8:30 — There’s intense responsibility in directing our own awareness, but many people are afraid to take responsibility for making the choices that’ll get them into a more creative, active zone.
  • 14:25 — A huge shift occurs when you stop putting up with what you don’t like and say yes to what you do like.
  • 19:00 — Have a willingness to recognize and let go of old habits and patterns. Take a deeper look at what isn’t serving you — like gossip.
  • 28:05 — When we’re looking to grow and live our dreams, we need to focus on just getting to the next chapter — even if we don’t know what the chapter after it holds. It’ll appear when the time is right.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “I remember calling my mom and saying my soul was being sucked out of me in that cubicle.”
  • “I think a lot of people — when they’re stuck in that desk job — it’s because they won’t force something else to happen. They won’t force function out of their choices. They don’t come up with the better ideas...and they wonder, ‘Why can’t I make the leap?’”
  • “Once you start to peel away some of the layers of self-doubt and insecurity and start fueling your confidence through your entire lifestyle...the creativity starts zooming into your brain out of nowhere.”
  • “What does your tongue like to taste? What cloth makes your skin happy?”
  • “All these small life shifts start to happen and they’re tugging at you and they’re asking you and they’re really pulling at you. The more you tap into it, the harder it pulls and the better it feels to follow the pull.”



Allie is the creator behind the online Yoga and life inspiration community, The Journey Junkie. She strives to help others live their journeys through the practices of Yoga, mindfulness, healthy living, and sharing her personal story alongside her tribe. She’s also the soul behind the newly created podcast Truth + Dare, a community that's dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change.