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Apr 30, 2013

Is most Sunscreen really that bad?
After I interviewed Erik Kreider with my Living Ayurveda Course the answer was clearly yes. Slowly. Behind scenes. The sunscreen I slather on my child is toxing her liver, her kidneys, her blood. Erik taught me it’s toxing every cell in her body. Perhaps that is why she hates it. (She loves the raw extra virgin coconut oil we slather on at the end of the day).
What does your skin do with all the chemicals?
Your skin is permeable. When you put sunscreen on, you might feel like your skin can’t breath. That is what I notice. In Ayurveda, we feed our skin food. Only food-grade nutrients are in good Ayurvedic skin care products. I make almost all of mine at home.
In Mexico I grind hibiscus with oats for my cleanser. I dilute coconut oil for a moisturizer. And yet… I use “organic” sunscreen. At least I used to. Until Living Ayurveda talked to Erik.