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Jun 23, 2016

Years ago I turned to Tina Forsyth to teach me how to run Yogahealer. She taught me how to create systems, processes, build team, hire, fire, and a few other key skills that come in handy for growing businesses. Somewhere along the way we became friends.

We were chatting a few weeks ago and discovered we were both leading retreats. We were both in retreat prep mode. We decided to go over lessons learned from hosting our retreats.

Tina's retreat was for the women entrepreneurs in her community stepping deeper into leadership. Mine was the member's only retreat I host bi-annually for people in my courses.

Despite different businesses with a very different clientele, we both learned the exact same things. Find out what we learned in the interview.

In this conversation I talk with Tina Forsyth about Hosting Retreats as an exploration of Collective Leadership

Teaching and training vs. creating experiences for connection
How (+ Why!) to do Brag Circles and Confessionals
A better business model for online courses</li>

What else is in this Episode:

Allowing leadership to emerge
How to build a container for a retreat experience
How to create closure for a retreat experience
What is Circling

Links from the Conversation: Mastering Leadership What is Circling" Cate's Mexico Retreat


Having worked online since 1999, Tina Forsyth is a ‘jill of all trades’ when it comes to running and growing a profitable service based business. She is the author of the award winning book The Entrepreneur’s Trap (available on Amazon) and creator of the CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders where she teaches entrepreneurs her proven step-by-step process to set a strong foundation for business growth.

Tina also founded the International Association of Online Business Managers and is the creator of the Certified OBM™ Training– the only program of its kind to train high-end virtual managers. As an entrepreneur and recovering control-freak, Tina is passionate about sharing her experience and helping other entrepreneurs setup the right systems, team and leveraged revenue streams that allow them to stop working so darn hard and have a business that can run without them. (woo hoo!)