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Mar 16, 2017

Today’s episode was entirely self-serving as I drill PR expert Ester Kiss on what I should know about PR as an influencer. If you're also trying to be a positive force for good in the world - you’ll want to get how it works in today’s day. In today’s episode learn from Ester on how to build your platform and be strategic about creating the right positioning for yourself to become a true influencer.


I drill PR pro Esther Kiss on:

  • How to get attention when you want it
  • How to know if you are actually ready to get attention
  • What kind of attention you actually want to get and from whom


What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • How to become an influencer in your niche
  • What not to spend PR dollars on
  • How the pros use PR


To learn more about Esther Kiss, go to:



Esther Kiss is the founder of Born To Influence, a one-of-a-kind publicity & marketing agency, where she helps experts (coaches / consultants / authors / speakers / marketers) get exposure for an extended period of time by placing them on the right online media outlets.

These include interviews on traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) as well as online media (podcasts, online radio shows, YouTube shows, webinars and presentations for telesummits and private, paid mastermind groups and more).

Esther is also the producer and host of the popular podcast Born To Influence: The Marketing Show where she interviews highly successful entrepreneurs and NY Times bestselling authors about their marketing and PR strategies.

To help her clients get more leads and sales for their product, service or book launch, she introduces them to A-players such as the guests of Born To Influence for cross-promotions and long term collaboration.

Esther speaks fluent Hungarian and a little bit of Dutch. She lived in six European countries before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2007. Today, Esther lives in the Palm Springs area with her three cats: Mr. RoofTop, Silkie and Scruffy.