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May 14, 2015

Have you ever wanted to know the mystery behind Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnogis?

Special guest, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta is a master Nadi Vigyan otherwise known as Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis.

In this episode you will learn how to:

- Build awareness to take pulse

- Which fingers go where

- How to take the pulse as a therapy for yourself or for a loved one.

About Dr. Mary Jo:

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta, a Chiropractor, is the Founder and President of Shaktiveda. She began her study of Ayurveda in 1979. She is a renowned master of Pulse Diagnosis or Nadi Vigyan – Knowledge of the subtle energies. Having taken over 40,000 pulse readings she is highly skilled in this delicate art.

The nervous system is the interface between consciousness and the body, or the divine and you. Pulse therapy happens by tapping into unbounded awareness. Your consciusness needs to become unlimited to accurately do pulse diagnosis. As Dr. Mary Jo says, "The only limitation with pulse diagnosis is the limitation within the practitioner."

Instructions on how to Take Your Pulse

- listen to the audio to learn how to take your pulse