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Dec 9, 2015

I first heard of Bari Tessler from one of my Living Ayurveda Course students. This student was yoga teacher and wellness professional in her own right. She took Bari’s Art of Money course to break through her personal income ceiling. And it worked. As this woman then went into my Yogahealer Business Course I noticed she had less money story issues and could quickly implement my advice. She made $20,000 more that first year.

I heard Bari’s name again and again. Finally, I reached out for an interview. That was a few years ago and we enjoyed our synnergy. As my podcast team discussed what we wanted on the show this December, we knew we needed to invite Bari back. She graciously accepted. What follows is a lovely, heartfelt, and deep conversation that will undoubtedly give you some great tools to start using right now. Guaranteed.

In this episode Bari Tessler, Art of Money Expert and I talk about:

  • How to step into money integrity during the holidays
  • Why you want your body to lead your gifting decisions
  • Learn how to connect with your loved ones around the art of gifting

Bari Tessler, Art of Money Specialist, mentions in this episode:

Links from the Conversation:

-Meditation: Body Check-In Exercise around Money

- How to write a Holiday Love Letter

-How to Change your Holiday Money Story