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Oct 17, 2016

Today's show is a mishmash of Q+ A questions. We dive into the seasonal flux and havoc it can wreak on the sensitive body types.  I teach you how to use your skin as an organ for hydration. Also I share my new Chokecherry Juice recipe.
There are a slew of Q+A questions including: swimming in cold weather, hydration tips from ayurveda, reflux esophagitis and toddlers. Also I include tips for reflux in general including a recipe for a soothing juice made of aloe vera, cucumbers, and celery.
What you’ll get out of tuning in
  • How to Hydrate in Autumn + Winter
  • Are your lymphatics working properly?
  • Should you give up swimming in cold weather?
  • Getting help with Reflux issues

I rap about How to Make Chokecherry Juice

  • Ayurvedic Chokecherry Autumn Elixir
  • Ayurveda and Chokecherries
  • How to make Chokecherry Juice
Ayurvedic Chokecherry Autumn Elixir
Exquisite essential oil blends for the doshas
Pitta is my favorite. thanks for sending them Vivica. 
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Book Mentions
Return to Wholeness: Embracing Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Face of Cancer 
Body Thrive
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Ask Cate Questions on this Episode
1. Good evening everyone. I am new to ayurveda. In the past week I am noticing my body getting more dehydrated. This begins with less easy bowel movements, feeling dehydrated even with drinking water, today my lips are very dry and I feel like I might be getting a cold. Any suggestions?
2. This is for the podcast as it might help others too: my 4 year old son takes swimming lessons at an indoor pool. I am wondering if we should put lessons on hold for the winter. Will it predispose him to imbalances and illness to be cold and wet in the winter? We live in the Bay Area - not the coldest but not warm in winter either. It is very windy here as you know. Sorry I don't know what my son's dosha is. I can tell you I am a strong vata and he is not. 
3. My client's daughter(20 y.o.) has reflux esophagitis, she can not swallow the food and is taking only liquids. Shell I refer her to an Ayurvedic doctor, because traditional medicine couldn't help her? Or Ayurveda is powerless with such a disease?