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Dec 1, 2012

I interviewed Peter Burke to find out from the pro what I can do easily to grow food through the winter. Peter published Indoor Gardening. He spends about 2 minutes a day tending his indoor garden, and feeds his family of 5 fresh greens everyday. I thought, I can do that. You probably can too.

Indoor Gardening for beginners

Peter’s method is simple. He puts soil mix in bowls and sprinkles on seeds. He waters. He puts the bowls in a dark drawer for 2 days. Then, he puts them on a window shelf in the sunlight, watering them once a day. Within 7 days he harvests the 2 leaf plants – which are nutrient power plants or microgreens or superfoods. Pick your term. He plants a few little bowls a day and has greens coming out of his … well, windows!