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Nov 3, 2015

Listener Question: Maximum Health, Minimal Kitchen

Yogahealer Real Life Show listener, Zena asks some great questions about meal prep in a kitchenette. Find out Cate’s favorite kitchen tools, her recipe for rice cooker quinoa, and why sprouting is a must.

Get more sneak peeks of the Ayurveda Summit!

Hear Dr. Claudia Welch and Dr. Robert Svoboda discuss their experiences learning both the theoretical knowledge and the more subtle aspects of ayurveda. They speak about how having mentors and gurus so dramatically impacted their growth as thinkers and healers.

Listen to Cate and Prashanti talk about the nature of consciousness, and how deep purpose requires personal surrender.

Show Highlights:

  • 4:45 There’s mixed research on microwaves, but they totally creep me out.
  • 7:32 Cate’s recipe for rice cooker quinoa
  • 11:32 Tips for having a good sprouting system
  • 12:40 Different ways to eat sprouts
  • 18:00 How to think about things
  • 22:15 The Art of Medicine
  • 28:15 Death bed perspective
  • 31:58 Consciousness wants us to awaken as much as we want to awaken.

Links from the Conversation: