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Mar 28, 2013

Cate talks for an hour with potential Living Ayurveda Course members who are interested in the Sept. 2013-2014 Living Ayurveda Course.

200 yoga teachers and students from around the world are going to:

  • Take better care of their families.
  • Take better care of their yoga students.
  • And take their yoga career to the next level.

Listen to the call if you want the full run down of the features of the course. If you haven't heard Ayurveda Essentials for Yoga Teachers and Students first, start there.

We also dive into the benefits of getting into the Yoga Lifestyle Coaching (YLC) program. The Living Ayurveda Course is a prerequisite for YLC.

  • Sign up now for Living Ayurveda at last year’s price.
  • Plus, I’ll give you the Spring Yogidetox free! If you’ve already signed up for it,I’ll give you the October Yogidetox free. I like my students to detox as they really start to understand Ayurveda from the inside out that way.
  • Plus, you get the 2014 Summer solstice 3 day retreat Access Pass included. (room and board isn’t included.