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Mar 9, 2020

Looking to design your life to fulfill your greatest ambitions? We’ve got you. Today on the podcast we’re exploring the mindset of dharma. Grab a cup of tea and tune in to absorb the ethos of awake living.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • The ethos of Master of You.
  • What the 12 perspectives are for Awake Living.


Links Mentioned in Episode:




Show Highlights:

  • Cate reflects on John Lennon’s lyrics in ‘I, me, my’.
  • Cate reviews fixed mindset vs. growth mindset



  • 3:20 Orient towards thrive. 
  • 3:50 Adopt a cosmo centric viewpoint.
  • 6:13 Evolve your identity.
  • 9:38 Nurture and nourish your five bodies.    
  • 10:53 Heed the rhythm and the cycles.
  • 11:39 Think big, test small, fail fast and learn always.
  • 14:11 Invest in yourself.
  • 16:42 Embrace a solid B minus.
  • 19: 49 Trust your desire.
  • 22:25 Leverage your strengths.
  • 25:24 Learn, mentor, master, co-create. 
  • 29:39 Shift from consumer to collaborator.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “If you see where you fit in the whole, it shifts your perspective. And it’s orienting. And that’s so much of what we’re doing in orienting, we’re orienting ‘what is dharma’, what is our purpose, what is a more purposeful meaning life, what are we here to uphold.” - Cate Stillman 
  • “You can change. Who you are is not static. You’re not a noun, you’re a verb. You’re an is-ingness a beingness that’s also in action.” - Cate Stillman
  • “Life has rhythm. Life has cycles. The sun sets the sun rises. There’s a reason there’s a rhythm. And when you heed the rhythm you unlock deep energy. When you violate the rhythm you suffer.” - Cate Stillman
  • “Aspiring towards greatness, absolutely. Aim high, aim true. But what can you learn along the way to get over analysis paralysis, that’s the faster path to success.” - Cate Stillman