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Sep 17, 2015

As the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, Patricia Albere’s work on spiritual awakening is at the forefront of the collective consciousness movement. Moving beyond individual transformation and the limits of personal growth – Patricia creates the space for a mutual awakening into a unity consciousness and transforms what is possible in the spaces between us.  Join us as we explore what we can learn and who we can become as we work together in this “we consciousness.”


In this conversation with Patricia Albere

·      We dive into the inner subjective field of consciousness

·      Learn where self-transformation ends and the unity consciousness begins

·      Understand unity doesn’t mean an end to individuality

·      Explore the different levels of commitment and engagement

·      Tap into the fluidity of consciousness


What we mention in this episode

Creating a new language out of direct experience with the collective

Masculine and feminine forms of teaching

Finding a discontinuous quality of awareness

The need for mutuality


What we mention in the YogaHealer Real Life Show

The recipe for disaster and the prescription to avert it

Detoxing inside and out


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Favorite quotes:

“It’s about engagement. It’s about full out showing up and engaging and allowing that full out engagement to start to purify and dissolve the separation.”

~ Patricia Albere


“There’s a whole other way of experiencing who you are that has so much less to do with who you’ve been.


~ Cate Stillman