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Jan 19, 2017

Long time student, Mo Horton, asked me a question for the podcast. She asked, “What body habits will make the critical difference… individually and collectively…  for us to show up as our optimal best… for ourselves and for the next generation?”

Mo’s heartfelt question landed as being exactly on pointe for me dharmically, I decided to devote this episode to answering it at my growing edge.

What habits do I see as making the pivotal difference for humanity?

I rap about:

  1. Your keystone habit
  2. Your non-negoitables
  3. Living into the truth that you know: Being Honest with yourself
  4. Evolving each year
  5. Leading with your actions, not your words
  6. Asking for support specifically
  7. Intermittent fasting and Ayurveda

Intermittent fasting and Ayurveda

I’ll be talking more and more about intermittent fasting and Yogic habits because it’s where two communities intersect. The foundation of studies on intermittent fasting are driven by the science-driven body builder communities who are obsessed with having a low body fat index. Yet, we as yogis and Ayurvedic fans have our own body of science. The yogis and vaidyas have long professed the necessity of fat metabolism and intermittent fasting. They just didnt’ call it that.

What we can lend to the intermittent fasting conversations happening around the globe is the benefit of timing. The yogis are committed to starting the day right. They won’t eat at night because they know that creates tamasic or dull energy in the body and mind. They want to access the dawning of a new day everyday, because that is where the universal power and power of enlightened living are rooted.

I’ll be developing this conversation more this year. For now - enjoy the show.



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