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Oct 8, 2015

Changing your habits, creating a better relationship with yourself, and fostering evolutionary change.


Show highlights:

2:58 Cate’s personal story about reinvention

6:46 Cate delves into the relationship between our outer environment and our inner selves.

9:08 Cate explores the concept of Svatantrya and freedom.

14:35 Sadie shares her NSL meditation and the magic of giving yourself permission

18:01 DJ Taz talks about his own journey working with giving permission and opening his pathway to collaboratively create music for yoga and meditation

20:51 Sadie speaks about finding your sataya and letting go of competition

20:51 DJ Taz explains the blue ocean strategy and how to make the shift from competition to collaboration

23:51 Sadie digs into the connection between permission and engagement with the universe

25:29 Cate looks at how Ayurveda brings our outer ecosystem into our inner ecosystem.