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Jan 26, 2015

Here is a conversation I had during a session with Sean Guinan of Holistic Yogi.  Sean and I agreed to share our conversation because it is about something everyone could relate into: the difficulties of starting out on something, on Sean's case his new online course or program: Become Your Body's Healer.

We both tried to figure out what it was that is making it difficult for him and where he should start to cope up.  We all had this experience at least once in our life where we wanted to start a new program, put into life a new idea but it does not go as how we imagined it to be.

In this converation, Sean Guinan and I talked about:

Sean Guinan with his family.
Sean Guinan with his family.
  • Trusting and believing on your ideas, before you even think of sharing it to others
  • Identifying the real problem: how and where it connects to the implementation of an idea/program
  • Being confused on why things don’t tend to go as planned, even if it has been well planned
  • Focusing on sharing the idea only to those who are really interested, and not forcing others to accept it
  • How one should that one should ground into the moment one is in that a moment ahead or a moment behind

What I talked about this episode:

  • Understanding that beginnings are always tough
  • Doing an Introspective practice
  • Focusing on the purpose and setting aside the fear or anxieties

Links from the presentation

Become your Body’s Healer