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Feb 17, 2016

Yoga Teachers and Students: How to Host a Book Club with Chris Loebsack.

In today’s episode we navigate how to start a book club that is focused on our personal and/or collective evolution. Particularly, we investigate what happens when we do that through a local studio. Meet Chris Loebsack, a globe-trotting yoga teacher who nourishes her own local studio and community with a monthly book club.

As a former local yoga teacher and yoga studio owner, I wanted to start a book club. If you’re a yoga teacher or have a local wellness practice I imagine you’ve had this same impulse.

All I needed was a little encouragement and a few lessons learned to make it happen. That is exactly what i hope to provide in this episode.

And! We’re supporting yoga teachers, yoga students and wellness practitioners to use Body Thrive in a book club. I’ve created an easy guide for leading a group, plus videos for each habit in the book. It’s all free and user-friendly. In this episode I explain how we’re doing it.

My hope is that you’ll take action. You’ll gather your posse. You’ll deepen the conversation, end the small talk, and live an even more fulfilling and impactful life.

##In this Conversation with Chris Loebsack we talk about: - Ending the One-Sided Dialogue as a yoga teacher - The benefits of a book club with your Yoga Students - How a yoga book club improves your teaching - The most popular books of her yoga studio book club

Books recommended from Chris Loebsack’s Yoga Studio Book Club

What I mention in this Episode:    

In the Conversation with Suzanne Lynch we talk about:

  • How to ditch outdated patterns we started as teens
  • Her most effective tips for working for improving sleep after 60

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About Chris

Chris Loebsack uses the power of yoga to create a space that cultivates trust & playfulness. Living by her mantra, Clarity, Integrity and Love, she draws upon her partner yoga practice to share the healing power of touch & safe intimacy.