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Sep 25, 2015

I’ve been leading Detox groups for over a decade. In this week’s episode of the YogaHealer Real Life Show I’ll be sharing how a Detox can take you beyond a green smoothie and move you into reshaping your destiny. We will talk about:

  • The experience of being empowered when you regain control of your physiology
  • How to take the detoxing experience beyond physiology
  • How detoxing will allow you to rediscover your inner wisdom
  • Why detoxing will benefit everyone you come into relationship with
  • How detoxing will expand your horizons

What we mention in this episode:

  • Developing the diseases of our ancestors is optional
  • Unless we try making the shift we will never know what is and what isn’t optional

Other things mentioned in the YogaHealer Real Life Show

Cate's Recipe for Travel:

  • 1 part Visualisation
  • 1 part Movement and Breath
  • 1 Super duper coffee mug ( I love Zojirushi)
  • 1 Smoothie container
  • Several Gallons of water, 1 for each day of travel
  • A few tablespoons of Green Powder and Chia Seeds - I get mine at Raw Food World.

Add each sequentially and notice the shift.


13.15 Detoxing can be much broader than you think and involve family and habits

15.45 The process of detoxing allow us to take some time out, to notice changes in the air.

19.45 Let the old fall away to make room for the new

Links from the conversation:


Favorite Quotes from this Conversation

“Detoxing is about creating an intentional space to do something differently”

“If we are disconnected from our intuition it’s time to cleanse and detox.”


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