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Jan 28, 2019

What do you need in your life- Deep Rejuvenation or Peak Performance? Today I talk about the tough stuff that we can all encounter along our paths to health such as sourcing our energy from Ego instead of the Universe, the failure of the intellect, and the Disease Tree. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, tired, scattered, or anxious in our action packed, overstimulating lives. It’s time we pull our energy back, give more time to ourselves and deeply rejuvenate.
I talk to everyone about how to root yourself in order to rise upwards; how to ground yourself deeply with healthy habits in order to heal, to grow, and to thrive in your day to day life. I dive into the 10 Body Thrive habits and discuss how working together in a group setting allows us to move into thrive more quickly and with more integrity and ease. Did you know that a small 1% change in your habits over time will help you to move into your healthiest, most productive, and most conscious and expansive version of yourself?

Listen into to today’s talk and learn how to take care of yourselves on a deep level, to heal and rejuvenate, to thrive, and to reach your full potential.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How do we orient towards thrive?
  • How do you measure deep rejuvenation and peak performance?
  • What are some habits you can implement to experience health?


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Show Highlights:

  • 2:45- How do you know if you have arrived? How do you measure whether you are in peak performance or in a deeply rejuvenated state? How do you move into the growth and into the depth of peak performance or deep rejuvenation?
  • 11:30- Deep rejuvenation is a SLOW process. We have gotten so far away from consciousness, which does the healing, that it will take a long time to pull ourselves back. We talk about ego energy vs. universal energy and how to avoid burnout and exhaustion.  
  • 25:45- In order to rock deep rejuvenation and peak performance we need to be in a group that is into transformation and identity evolution, so that we can move on this path together. What current culture is doing, is not this; current culture is regressing. Some of the most powerful experiences you can have, are with a group.
  • 29:10- Equal and opposite energies that allow us to root to rise. The rhythm of waves and of energy and the spanda that keeps us pulsating throughout life.
  • 33:00- The disease tree- what is it, how does it pertain to us, and what does it stand for?
  • 45:00- What does it look like to be in a situation where everyone is helpful everyone be their healthiest selves? And what do the healthy habits look like that a group may be doing together. Cate tells us about the BT habits she adheres to and teaches in her course.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “When you start a new habit it should take you less than 2 minutes to do.” -Cate Stillman
  • “The more we want to do, the more we have to source Energy from the Universal.” -Cate Stillman
  • “Root down to rise up- the basic principle of universal energy.” -Cate Stillman
  • “When we are in our natural state, which is health, we experience an orientation towards the positive, not towards the neutral.” -Cate Stillman
  • “I don’t think there is anything wrong with regret. I think all of the emotions are totally amazing; they all have purposes and one of the purposes of regret is to say ‘What did I learn?’”