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Aug 18, 2016

Podcasting is becoming hip. And many podcasters find out that it's a lot of work. Podcasting is also a form of art.
In this episode I bring in Podcasting Hall of Famer, Rob Walch. My good friend and guest on the show, Elsie Escobar, introduced me to Walch's genius as Podcast Movement 2015. I was riveted by his presentation  - he has his finger on the pulse of podcasting both as a medium and an industry. He is a super smart dude who loves podcasts, podcasting and podcasters.
I rap with Rob Walch about Why Not to Start a Podcast 
  • How to help your kid start a podcast
  • The art form  of editing + Making your guests sound good
  • How to get your audience involved in your show
  • Why your audience is more important than your guest
What you’ll get out of tuning in
Rob Walch was inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame in 2016.  Rob is the Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn (LBBS) .  Prior to joining Libsyn in 2007, he was President and founder of podCast411, Inc.
Rob is Co-Author of the book “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” - Que 2006, an editors pick as a Top 10 Reference book for 2006 by Rob was listed as the 5th most influential person in podcasting according to the book “Podcasting for Dummies” – Wiley Press 2005.   
Rob has consulted on podcasting for Jack Welch, Tim Ferriss, Senator Edwards, Governor Bill Richardson, Dr. Mark Hyman, Noah Shanok (Stitcher), and the Sacramento Kings/Monarchs to name just a few. He is also a monthly columnist for Podertainment The Podcast Magazine. Rob was Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee for the Association of Downloadable Media.
Rob's podcasts:
Rob's presentation at Podcast Movement