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Apr 22, 2013

I get asked the question: "What about vaccines?" about once a week. My friend Chris Pilaro, one of the trilogy of producers of the you-need-to-watch-this-if-you-breathe documentary called, "The Greater Good." When I'd visit Hailey, Idaho to hang out with Chris's wife, Phoebe, I'd ask Chris how what he was learning. He'd tell me it was so much worse that I thought. And it is.

I just spent an hour talking to the brilliant writer/producer of The Greater Good, Leslie Manookian. She's a bigwig-whitecollar-finance-director-turned- liberated-grassroots-media producer-activist going full throttle.

You have an hour to become informed whether or not you have children. You should know what is going on from the inside out - instead of hearing bits and pieces here and there that slip through the mainstream media.

Vaccines: We're in the Dark Ages

The picture Leslie paints is alarming. The statistics are horrific. One in 31 American boys now has autism. Vaccination schedules have nothing to do with public health protection. CDC recommends 26 doses of 9 vaccines by the first birthday, 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6, and 70 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. Most kids are vaccinated within 12 hours of leaving the womb.

I've talked to many holistic doctors and practitioners about the side-effects of vaccinations and immune disorders. The gist of the conversation quickly migrates to an "immuno-suppressed population" with depleted cellular intelligence. The implications for our kids are staggering in terms of the long term health issues they are facing and may continue to face.

The womb isn't even a safe space anymore as the CDC recommends that 100% of pregnant women get injected with the flu shot. Mind you the the effect of flu shot hasn't been tested on babies of mothers vaccinated. But, we do know 50% of flu vaccines contain mercury - a potent neurotoxin and is particularly damaging to the brain of a developing fetus or child. Doh.

But, if you read Time Magazine, or mainstream media 101, you are informed that "Why Pregnant Women Should get Flu Shots". They wrote an additional article this winter to misinform and convince moms-to-be: Moms’ Flu Linked to Higher Risk of Autism Among Children. When you get how unsubstantiated the evidence is it's clarifying, though deeply upsetting and unsettling to see how hard Time Magazine is backing their biggest advertisers in big pharm.


The situation is so in the dark ages it's hard to believe how uninformed most of us are… and how little as a culture we are doing to protect the next generation from the flagrant greed of big-pharm and the corrupted government institutions for public health.

What a mess.

What You Can Do About the Problem

Yet- there is so much YOU CAN DO about it. Get interested. Get informed. Spread good information and studies motivated by human interest instead of big pharm dollars with your peeps. Hold a screening at your house or yoga studio. Share the Vaccine Fast Facts. Know the risks before vaccinating yourself, your child, or encouraging others to get a flu shot.

THE GREATER GOOD documentary highlights several powerful personal stories of vaccine tragedies to bring increased awareness to this important issue. Listen to this podcast... and watch the movie.

Vaccines, flu shots and 6 key point you should know:

1. The safety of the current childhood vaccine schedule has never been proven in large, long-term clinical trials. 

2. Vaccine ingredients have not been tested for safety in doses given to human infants either singularly or in combination for co-toxicity. But, want to see what you're getting injected into your kid? How about a little formaldehyde and aluminum with that green smoothie?

3. Our kids are sicker than they have ever been. 54% of American children having a chronic illness - from allergies, autism, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, to autoimmune diseases.

4. We need better science, which the CDC is blocking.

5. Mainstream media can't report the evidence-based controversy in the scientific community on vaccines. It gets blocked by big pharm dollars.

6. You should learn the signs of vaccination side-effects. Parents and wellness providers need to know how to help recover deeply stressed immune systems as a baseline for working with our hyper-pharmaceuticalized generation of children.

The way out of the gigantic conundrum starts with you getting educated and helping your peeps get access to good information. Download the podcast + enjoy Leslie. She's a fireball of uncovered truth set in motion. I'm grateful to host this conversation on my blog. Share on Facebook with your peeps - and become part of the solution for the future of humanity.