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Jan 14, 2019

I have a fantastic conversation today with yogini, spiritual guide, and visionary, Vivianne Nantel about the importance of the yogic path and our movement towards Self Realization. Many people around the world are entering into more subtle levels of awareness as they shift their thoughts, actions, and patterns from gross to the subtle. Vivanne, AKA Devi, and I chat about what we are waking up to and how we are waking up on the path to Oneness; what is happening as people realize their potential as blissful, omnipresent, pure consciousness and their true nature as spirit? What does it mean to be one and to co-create with the universe? How does it feel to walk this spiritual path towards Samadhi? As we move in this direction, we discover our own powers, we realize that we are Divine, that we have no limitations, and that we are all One.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What does it meant to dive into the more subtle aspect of yourself?
  • How are we waking up and what is happening as people are waking up from their old patterns?
  • How to continue on the sattvic path.


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Show Highlights:

  • 2:00- Cate asks Devi what she thinks is happening as people are waking up to their own patterns? Devi tells us about how people identify themselves, the patterns they’ve learned throughout life, and what they are taught to believe about themselves. The things we believe about ourselves are astounding, and at the same time, what we can let go of as we learn about the science of Yoga, is even more amazing.
  • 10:00- Cate talks about the realization that who we are or have been up until this point, has served us for a period of time, but that time has passed. We are ready now to be less attached to who we were and more open to moving into a place of pure consciousness, peace, and potentiality- a more sattvic realm.
  • 13:45- The beauty of yoga is that we can take it to the level that we want to. Not everyone’s goals are the same when it comes to yoga; not everyone wants to dive as deep into the spiritual world. But with yoga and the practices that come along with it, people can choose how far they want to take it. Cate and Devi talk about diet and the yogic path to health and recovery from illness and the natural falling away of old habits when one embarks on this path.
  • 21:20- Advice and tips for those who are waking up to their true selves and for those who are moving more towards this sattvic, yogic path.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “We are a unique wave of Divine ocean coming into the physical realm...we realize that we are not the wave; we are the ocean. “ -Vivianne Nantel
  • “Most people are limited by their personality, their ego; they put themselves in a little tiny box.” - Vivianne Nantel
  • “Who I’ve been up until now- awesome. That worked for some purpose. But, wow there’s more. There’s more that I can become.” -Cate Stillman  
  • “ When one has a deep longing to know the truth, to emerge, then it’s unavoidable.” -Vivianne Nantel


Guest BIO:

Vivianne Nantel, who is often called “Devi”, is a yogini, spiritual guide, visionary, mystic, vocalist, humanitarian, speaker and author of Becoming The Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature.

As a published writer and poet, Ms. Nantel’s work has appeared in Yoga Magazine, Poet’s Paper, the National Literary Journal and Animal Wellness Magazine, among others. In addition, Vivianne is a visionary artist and prolific painter whose artwork has been exhibited in museums, fine art galleries and private and corporate collections.

Articles about Vivianne Nantel’s work have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Independent Florida Sun and Alaska’s World magazine. In addition, Vivianne has been interviewed on various television talk shows including Earth Advocate and Bridging Heaven and Earth and appeared in the documentary film Harp Seals by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Vivianne has also volunteered for many animal welfare initiatives. She has spoken at the National Animal Rights Conference, in Washington, DC, and collaborated on special projects with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) & Humane Society International (HSI).

As part of her passion, Vivianne spent more than two years studying music composition with Elinor Armer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Devi is committed and dedicated to helping others spiritually, and will continue to raise consciousness and be an instrument of grace. She will also be offering soon multi-media recordings of her guided meditation, books and chants. She hopes many more projects and plans will materialize soon. Connect with Vivianne on her website and facebook page.