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Jan 17, 2014

I have tremendous compassion for parents of young children.

It's insane. You get pregnant rarely realizing the next five years of your life may be the most interdependent, nerve blasting years of your life. Most of us don't have the support of under-one-roof-extended family to share the burden of attention-giving. And our little critters need our attention in the early years most of their waking moments... and often our sleeping moments. Most mothers at some point become totally astounded at the remarkable survival rate of children due to the hell-raising these small creatures put their parents through. Good thing the little creatures are full of love, adorable and look like us.

For anyone at the end of their rope... you need to meet Dr. Jessica. I wish I had earlier.

evolving parenting

Meet Dr. Jessica.

I'm sharing this dialogue with Dr. Jessica Michaelson of Early Parenthood Support. I wish I had called her when Indy was about 10 months. That was when I realized I was in deep. My body had been supporting the two of us for a long stretch. Jessica is a psychologist, a mom of 2 young boys, a coach and a yogini at heart. She gets us and our multi-layered dilemmas as very conscious, very sensitive, evolving parents.

Listen to this podcast:

  • Figure out your criteria for self worth
  • How to embrace The Struggle
  • Explore the struggle of parenting young children
  • Explode the Illusion of Control
  • Where do You Lose It!
  • Learn the 9 Primitive Emotions

Here is the link to THE Worksheet.

All mom's of lovable hell-raisers need to print this and do it for YOU. Jessica helps us get honest on a deeper level with ourselves through the crazy making and deep intimacy of raising the little rebel rousers and rabble rousers. This level of  honesty unearths a guilt/shame that most of us get sucked into though few are comfortable admitting. 

Early parenthood intensifies the primitive and the evolutionary potential. The intensity for those of us how do the practices and have opened our subtle channels and want to make a difference can be hair-splitting. That's another word for a rajasic vata-imbalance or frayed nerves. Most moms of young kids have it. Add more kids -and it's easy to add more hair-splitting. Jessica gives you an intimate tour of what is happening behind the scenes.

She points out:  We are learning what we need to teach our child.  How to cooperate with what is arising - instead of resisting. And ultimately how to make small changes for sanity, connectivity and your nourishment.

p.s. You'll also learn why the mothers are killed in the fairy tale myths. I loved that part.