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Dec 17, 2015

In today’s podcast episode I give you my top tips for what to do if you start getting a cold. I wish I had followed them this past week. And, we have a returning visit from special guest, Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life. Dr. C and I dive in deep into coming home to yourself through the holiday season.

What a gift you can give yourself and everyone else. Open to the inquiry of what does that mean… to come home to yourself through the holiday season? And from there the show shifts into learning and living Ayurveda from a more masculine or feminine approach. Onto the show….

In this podcast…

  • Cate’s fave cold remedies
  • Come home to yourself through the holidays
  • What feels really right for you this holiday season?
  • What does integrity feel like?
  • Walking up to your natural cycles

What we mention in this Episode:       

  • Plant relationships
  • Feminine vs. Masculine perspectives of Ayurveda
  • Awakening intuition on the path to intuitive wellness

Links from the Conversation:

Favorite Quotes from Dr. C

“What is going on in the greater context of my life?” “The Content is the Life.” “Which do I need right now - masculine or feminine approach to medicine?”

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