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Jan 29, 2014

Today I had the lovely opportunity to have a compelling conversation with Dr. Claudia Welch and the Healthier Hormones community we have created together. We let the Shakti lead a beautiful and compelling conversation into greater integrity in our bodies and in our lives.

The Compelling Conversation

In this conversation Cate & Dr. Claudia engage in a conversation about, among other things

  • Addiction and Cravings
  • The difference between vayu and vata
  • How Samskaras can support healthy functioning of the former and pacify the latter
  • Following Thy will even before My will is completely exhausted
  • The value of this community for our health evolution

Contemplations from the Conversation:

  • Where is your ambition or your schedule out of sync with your inner compass (G.O.D.)
  • Are you in a time of waiting right now?
  • What  relationships do you have that support your wellness evolution or listening to your G.O.D.?
  • Are you craving supportive relationships or supportive dialogue to help you with how you want to feel or how you want to navigate life?

The Healthier Hormones Community + Underwhelming Retreat

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  • Become part of the community  + watch the quick video on your membership.
  • We’re going to Xinalani in 2015. Members Only. Info coming.