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Jul 23, 2015

Spriitual self care for trauma, loss and bewilderment.


Show Highlights

  • “Do we have a place to turn that’s fully resonant, that’s really allows us to show up with whatever is going on?” 3:55

  • “There needs to be time and space and fire for the digestion of our experiences” 4:30

  • “If you don’t create the space and allow the time it will lead to an imbalance, it will lead to a disease.” 5:10

  • “Ama is undigested stuff that arises within the field of consciousness. Undigested stuff is toxic. It’s not horrible, scary, icky, although it might seem like that. It’s more that it blocks the flow of consciousness. It blocks the experience of inner connectivity. 5:27



If you would like to know more about creating the time and space to digest in your own home go to