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Oct 27, 2015

Favorite Quotes:

8.40 “Do what do you love. What nourishes you?.... cherish it enough to share it.” Cyndi Lee

12.35 “If everything I do matters what am I going to let go of.” Cyndi Lee

18.45 “The concepts of aging are a belief system.” Gabriel Cousens

19.35. “(We need to )trust the intelligence of our tongue as a receptor of taste; we can spit or swallow” Cate Stillman

22.34 “Getting from an intellectual understanding to a kinesthetic one, helps us ground and relax.” Amadea Morningstar

38.45 “Thank whatever intellectual knowledge you got because it gave you a strong background but we are reducing consciousness to brain; Ayurveda is responding to that.” Acharya Shunya Raichur

44.09 “I am a universal spiritual being who happens to be wearing a sari.” Acharya Shunya Raichur


Dr. Cousen's

John Duillard's

Acharya Shunya’s