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Aug 5, 2015

What to Eat When: Earlier, Lighter Dinners Really Do Matter.


4.45 Pause and remember that by eating a little lighter we take a load off our physiology and we can digest all the experiences of the day and we start to experience an increase in energy.

12.20 When you are not getting the results you desire in life investigate what you are doing and in what order you are doing it. If you have the right inputs but the wrong order you won’t get what you are after.

14.45 A pattern set in motion, stays in motion.

15.48 Turning heavy food into energy and bodily tissue after the sun goes down is recklessly taxing for your physiology.

17.20 This feeling of being behind/out of sync is the experience of stress. It’s physical and psychological stress. Stress creates inflammation.

19.05 Our cultural habits violate our bodies most basic needs!

20.05 We can influence how we experience and what we experience in our day to day journey.

22.10 When your day to day habits are simple and repetitive you can enjoy amazing depth success and connectedness in other areas of life