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Aug 4, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Men are expected to be strong and mighty. This causes them to keep everything to themselves, not wanting to appear weak. They often keep their emotions to themselves as they believe that they will be used against them once they show their weakness. This prevents them from being happy as they have to pretend what society has imposed on them and hide their feelings.

In recent years, society has developed a variety of demands that require a variety of approaches. To meet these demands, men need to adapt. The process of understanding what needs to be done involves growth and development.

Angus Nelson is a coach and the founder of Evolve Men Coaching. He is among the nation's leading performance strategists as he helps ambitious men achieve freedom, happiness, and purpose. In this episode, he shares his experience as a coach and his views and insights on the growth, development, and history of men in this lifetime.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • The Necessary Mindsets for Business, Marketing, Sales, or Life
  • Discoveries After Divorce
  • Coaching: What Is It, Why, And How Does It Work?
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Fatherhood & Family
  • Changing the face of modern manhood
  • Leadership burnout
  • Insights into the mind of a high-achieving man
  • The art of ambition
  • How do men and their ambitions bring negativity?
  • How do we upgrade ourselves for personal growth and development?
  • How do men change throughout the years?
  • How does coaching in men works?
  • What are the views and insights of a man?



  • Cate shares a story about her trip to Europe in the rooftop bars in Madrid
  • Cate shares about the midlife crises of men and women
  • Cate tells about an article on why Jewish girls succeed


  • [0:48] Introduction
  • [4:44] Men Stereotypes
  • [7:28] Ambition
  • [9:46] Leadership Burnout
  • [12:08] Emotions
  • [19:55] Personal Growth and Development
  • [32:11] Trauma and Healthiness
  • [34:05] Ignorance
  • [38:47] Changes in Modern Manhood
  • [44:39] Coaching in Men
  • [51:44] Insights of a Man
  • [56:56] Fear and Guilt
  • [1:05:16] Final Message


  •  “We refuse to share weakness, vulnerability, and transparency because we believe on some level in our business structure that someone is going to weaponize any kind of weakness that we show.” 
  • “It's not that we pursue happiness because that will be fleeting. You're going to be chasing that all the time. It's filling your life with the things that naturally and effervescently give you happiness and joy.”
  •  “Until a man knows who he is, he can never become or be anything outside of that.”
  • “All that identity shifting we did in the beginning now brings about these new opportunities. Because you've upgraded yourself, you want to attract your brain and this equilibrium to attract these higher frequent levels, relationships, experiences, and opportunities.”
  • “Just like everything else, we attract what we are. If we're trying to pursue these great and mighty things, what we find is that those great and mighty things are filled with emptiness. Because we're doing them out of the pursuit of validation.”
  • “Transformation in your life is nothing more than having a context of tools that help you advance your understanding, yielding, and letting go.”
  • “I'm giving myself permission, and that permission is all the power you need.”

Guest Bio: Angus Nelson

Angus is a man on a mission. He’s a high-performance coach for men, one of America’s top performance strategists, and the Founder of Evolve Men Coaching. He takes years of best practices from advising Fortune 500 leaders to help ambitious men create more freedom, fulfillment, and focused intent to make the impact in the world they were designed for. His past clients include members from Fortune 500 brands to celebrity personalities while speaking at headquarters for America's top brands such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, BMW, Disney, Whole Foods, and Adobe.

Angus is married with three children and lives in Lisbon, Portugal, with their two bougie dogs.