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Jul 13, 2023

Welcome to the Thrive with Cate podcast, hosted by Cate. In this episode, Cate is joined by Chris Orwig, a talented photographer, and storyteller known for capturing the essence of people's stories through his images. They discuss the art of storytelling in photography, focusing on the importance of finding one's authentic identity. Chris shares anecdotes of photographing influential individuals such as Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson, emphasizing the need to go beyond surface appearances to create meaningful and relatable stories. Join Cate and Chris as they explore the world of photography and its impact on influencer culture.


What You Will Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insights into the art of storytelling through photography

  • Understanding the importance of authenticity and finding one's unique story

  • Discovering the challenges faced by celebrities in maintaining their true identity

  • Tips for photographers and influencers on capturing deep and soulful moments

  • Exploring the role of intention and technique in photography and videography



  • Chris shares his passion for finding the light within others and connecting with them in a meaningful way through photography.

  • The discussion revolves around the significance of creating one's own story rather than relying on existing narratives.

  • Examples of photographing influential figures like Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson highlight the struggle between projected image and true identity.

  • The conversation delves into the need for photographers to move beyond surface appearances to capture profound and relatable stories.

  • Chris provides insights into the role of intention in photography and how it shapes the final outcome of an image.

  • The discussion extends to the influencer culture, exploring common pitfalls and the importance of storytelling through imagery and text.



"What I enjoy most about photography is finding the light within others and connecting in a meaningful way."

"As an artist or photographer, I know I can't just recreate something someone else has done. I have to find my story."

"Celebrities have a tough time balancing the projected image with their true selves."

"The work of a photographer is different from just noticing. It's noticing and then doing the work."

"Influencers must create snackable content that feels light, relatable, and tells a story behind the story."

"The light in the eyes is key to capturing the essence and storytelling in photography."



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Join Cate and Chris Orwig in this captivating episode of the Thrive with Cate podcast as they delve into the art of storytelling through photography. Gain valuable insights into finding authenticity, capturing meaningful moments, and navigating the influencer world. Whether you're a photographer or an influencer, this episode will inspire you to go beyond surface appearances and create impactful and relatable stories through imagery and text.