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Mar 29, 2018

Today Peter Crone and I have some fascinating conversation about Ayurveda, human psychology, behavior, and interaction. Peter tells us about his first experience with Ayurveda and how he immediately adopted the science into his life and work. As a physicist, he has always been interested in who we are as humans, why we do what we do, how things work, and the principles of mother nature. We chat about why humans act, react and think in the ways that we do. We discuss how the wisdom of Ayurveda can help to open up a new world of connection and understanding, allowing us to change our old beliefs and habits. We talk about the importance of stillness and taking the time to sit, digest, assimilate and just BE. We discuss intuition, the psychology of humans, and the importance of accepting others and loving ourselves. Listen in and learn how these topics can be better understood with an Ayurvedic perspective, and learn to love and accept yourself in the process.


I rap with Peter Crone about Ayurveda and human potential:

  • Giving people permission to be human and to be themselves
  • The gift of Ayurveda combined with human behavior and intuition
  • Availability and connection to the moment, to ourselves, and to each other
  • Protection vs. vulnerability


What you’ll get out of tuning in:   

  • How to assimilate the wisdom of Ayurveda with your next step in life
  • What it means to fully accept who you are
  • Our harmonious relationships with reality
  • Why it is so important to sit still, to digest, and to assimilate experiences



Show Highlights:

  • 1:00- Peter Crone tells us how he got into the practice of Ayurveda and how he uses it in his life and work today.
  • 8:20- The practice of the group presencing practice, “circling”, coming from a place of love, and giving people permission to have their humanity.
  • 11:40- The mindset shift that is available to us when it comes to being non-judgmental
  • towards ourselves and others.
  • 18:00- The importance of digestion and of sitting in stillness in order to feel more integrated and in touch with ourselves.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “That’s one of the greatest assets that I bring when I’m working with people, is allowing people to be who they are and not make it a big deal.” - Peter Crone
  • “I no longer buy into the self judgment of ‘I’m supposed to be someone else, Im supposed to be somewhere else.” - Peter Crone
  • “How available are we to the moment, how available are we to each other?” - Cate Stillman
  • “With good digestion medicine isn’t necessary. With bad digestion, medicine doesn’t work.” - Peter Crone’s favorite shloka



Peter Crone is a thought leader in human potential and performance as well as the founder of Be Alive. He devotes his life to sharing insights and strategies to live an inspired life and thrive by awakening new levels of awareness. Peter helps redesign the subconscious mind that drives human behavior, performance, and ultimately all results. He has worked with entertainers, more than 200 professional athletes across multiple sports, as well as leaders of global organizations. Peter’s commitment is to sharing his pioneering perspective that inspires the realization of a new way of living… to go from a life of surviving to one of thriving.