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May 2, 2023

Cate starts the episode swishing cow dung juice. How do you make it? Why would you swish it? And what is going on with your oralome? Listen in to find out. Cate reads from Uninflamed: chapters: SWISH, EAT DIRTY.

Are you curious about: 

  • What happens when you google DIY fecal transplant?

  • How to make and store the best DIY Mouth Microbiome Mouthwash

  • What happened to Cate’s recurring nightmares of her teeth falling out?



Do you want to:

  • Reverse oral decay

  • Reverse gum recession and gum line cavities

  • See if you can regrow the bone tissue of your teeth?


Then, you can’t miss this episode. Oh, and it’s gross… until it’s not.