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Jul 28, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Everyone has their own identity that is unique to themselves. But sometimes we find it hard to be our own selves, especially when trying to please everyone around us, even ourselves.

In this episode, Cate talks about human identity and how changing your habits will affect your lifestyle and how you identify yourself. She also tackles the issues surrounding the topic and intertwines some of her own stories to fit the subject. Stay tuned!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How do you change your habits?
  • What will changing habits do for your lifestyle and identity?
  • How do you know who you’re choosing to be?
  • What does it feel like to not need to be a perfectionist?



  • Cate talks about going to Minneapolis for her college reunion
  • Cate announces her upcoming meetups in Jersey Shore and Minnesota
  • Cate tells a story about going to the International Folk Music Festival in Butte, Montana


  • [3:06] Alicia’s post
  • [10:01] Evolution Exercise
  • [13:37] Skills and your Future Self
  • [23:42] Choosing who you’re going to be
  • [29:56] Satisfaction
  • [35:08] Choosing your response
  • [43:22] Teachings
  • [44:19] Music Festival
  • [50:26] Spiral Evolution and words of wisdom


  • “While this might be repetitive to some of you, it'll be brand new to others. The fascinating part of perennial wisdom is that it's always relevant to whatever's going on in your life.”
  • “I'm the kind of person who leans on the support of my people. Happiness is found in the evolving self at ease and the beingness of evolution.”
  • “The more aware you are of the phase you're in, the more strategic you can be. The more strategic you are, the more opportunities you create.”
  • “If you put the hardest thing first, build resilience. Then harder things become much easier things.”
  • “I have a belief that synchronicity matters. I want to be available for synchronicity.”