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Dec 30, 2021

Podcast Intro:

Life is magical, mysterious, and unique but fragile. Humans can easily succumb to external influences and sometimes forget the sense of self and independence. That’s why we experience trauma in our lives. Our fragility and our failure to understand and establish that we are fragile beings are the main reasons we can be corrupted easily. Whether it’s a disease, emotions, decisions, etc., we must learn how to “repair” our spiritual selves.

Thus, we must fully understand how our spiritual, religious, and physical life works. We must achieve a higher state of being to help ourselves from being thoroughly affected by harmful external influences. In this episode, Katie Silcox explained how people develop traumas and why it’s important to learn how to repair them. She also explained why humans are intrinsically delicate and how you can incorporate femininity into spiritual practice! Tune in to learn more!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why does spiritual repair matter and how does it correlate to past experiences?
  • What is healing vortex vs. trauma vortex?
  • How does the Five Kosha Model affect humanity’s potential?
  • Why are humans intrinsically delicate beings?
  • What is the purpose of our spiritual life?
  • What does the ancient teaching say about Pranamaya?
  • How can femininity be incorporated into a spiritual practice?
  • Why does chronic inflammation affect you from accessing the higher state?

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  • Cate explained how the current US population in both adult, children, and adolescent categories with chronic diseases heavily relied on a doctor’s medication and that it has no “soul” or “spirit.”
  • Cate explained why some people couldn’t get out of the “gap thinking” based on the book written by Dr. Ben Hardy
  • Cate explains how to unblock our “bodies” through sutras.
  • Cate described how the “virome” operates as it enters the human body.


  • 1:03 - Spiritual Repair
  • 4:36 - The Soul of Medicine
  • 7:31 - Humanity’s Intrinsic Trait
  • 9:30 - Healing Vortex vs. Trauma Vortex
  • 14:29 - Gap Thinking
  • 21:39 - The Purpose of Spiritual Life
  • 28:36 - Pranayama
  • 35:53 - The Feminine
  • 45:50 - How “Christ” influenced Katie and her practice
  • 52:28 - Chronic Inflammation
  • 1:05:44 - Accessing the Light in the Spiritual Realm


  • “The most challenging thing in the world that we seek is to find stability and admit the truth that we are fragile but resilient.” - Katie
  • “The entire world right now is being activated by unconscious trauma response, and it makes sense. I have tons of compassion for it because I came out of it, and I experienced it myself.” - Katie
  • “Christmas is the time to cultivate the most amount of renewal for our mind and body. It’s our samsaric way of seeing, being, and thinking, radically altered to a new vision. This is the message of Christ, and the message of Christmas.” - Katie
  • “Humans have been going through plagues and pandemics all of the time. There tends to be a beginning, a middle, and an end to history. We are at the end of the beginning, and we're entering into the middle period. “ - Katie

Guest BIO: Katie Silcox

Katie Silcox, M.A. is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of the book Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. Holding a Master’s Degree in Hinduism and the Ayurveda Sciences, Katie is an internationally-recognized teacher, mentor to women, and inspirer of hearts and minds. She is renowned for her depth of study, her ability to present the complexities of ancient wisdom in a practical, life-affirming manner, as well as her unique capacity to distill the teachings with southern-belle humor and grace.

Her signature teaching style is Body Yantra™, incorporating Tantric vinyasa, restorative yoga, dance, sound, breath, emotion processing, manifestation technology, holistic biomechanics, and structural trauma-release methods.

Katie was named one of San Francisco's Best Yoga Teachers by Common Ground Magazine in 2009, one of "70 Yogis Changing the World" by Origin Magazine in 2014, and one of "100 Trailblazers in Yoga and Ayurveda" by Spirituality and Health Magazine in 2015. Katie has written extensively on yoga, Ayurveda, sexuality, herbalism, and women’s health in Yoga Journal, Common Ground Magazine, and Origin Magazine. Her best-selling book has been translated into multiple languages around the globe.

Katie has sipped from the honey of many globally-known teachers, including a decade-long guru-disciple relationship in the Himalayan lineage-based Sri-Vidya Tantra.

Today, she works solely with the inner guru of her own heart.