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Apr 28, 2022

Podcast Intro Is it possible to drink your own urine and be healthy? The idea of putting something back into the body that the body appears to be discarding may sound weird at first.  But what we don’t know is that drinking urine or “Shivambu” has many benefits. Throughout history, our ancestors have been using urine to treat illnesses and improve their overall health. 

In the treatment of chronic diseases, urine therapy has proven to be a highly effective and drug-free alternative. It can be adopted by anyone including young children. The sole ingredient required is a material produced by the body itself and rich in mineral salts, hormones, and other important substances. But how can you ensure that the wastes flushed out with your urine aren’t taken back in? Why is urine regarded as the best tonic available for the immune system?

Megan MacDonald is one of the many people that has been doing Urine Therapy. She shares with us how it changed her life and why people should not stigmatize the practice.  Learn there is to know about Urine therapy.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why Cow Urine is Beneficial to the Body
  • Why Drinking Urine Boosts Overall Health
  • How Our Ancestors Learned About Shivambu 
  • How Society is Learning More About Shivambu



  • In Sanskrit, words matter. There's nothing random about that language in general. It's not like a new word becomes a hit because a bunch of teenagers made it up and it became cool later. So you're dealing with ancient languages that have a lot of intentionalities based on vibration and based on deep historical meaning. 
  • Cate says that during a Bitcoin conference, she and other people were talking about drinking urine. That means that drinking urine is already out in the biohacker community. Cate says that it will take the edge off for people who are curious and looking to learn about drinking urine and those who might not be at the biohacker level.
  • Cate says that she is much more curious about Cancel Culture and its edginess. She wants to know if it matters in society if one cannot stand for truth.


  • [00:36] Starting in Urine Therapy
  • [03:36] How Megan Describes Urine Therapy
  • [06:50] Where it Clicked for Megan
  • [11:30] Shivambu: Words Matter
  • [16:08] The Benefits of Cow Urine 
  • [18:24] The conception of ancient medicine traditions should be evolving


  • “Don't pretend you know something you don't. It's the same thing with someone who's done online courses for 10 years versus someone who's been in it for a year. If someone has a practice with something, that's really different from me writing a book on it and trying it a few times.”

Guest BIO: Megan MacDonald

Megan Macdonald’s combined training in both holistic health (yoga, meditation, reiki), and the academic study of ritual and belief provides a broad foundation to draw from with all of her clients. It was curiosity about her own chronic pain as a teenager that led to investigating over 20 healing modalities. As her health improved, she started to not only feel the benefits in her own body and mind but see the changes that deep health brought to every aspect of life. She is certified in Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, and has been training with Mada Dalian to be a facilitator of the Self-Healing Dalian Method. This is profound work on the unconscious, beliefs, the shadow, and the ego. She also teaches the ancient practice of Shivambu (urotherapy). She offers multi-week programs to help people improve sleep, and digestion, develop healthy habits, promote well-being, and raise consciousness.

Her background in theatre, and organizing and delivering national high-profile events and ceremonies for the Government of Canada helped develop her knowledge of social rituals. Megan has a Ph.D. in ‘The Performance of Belief’ from Queen Mary, University of London, UK, and has published, and taught widely on theatre and ritual. She is currently based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.