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Aug 26, 2015

Reach your audience without distracting from your message.

What would you think if someone told you they just couldn’t stand your voice? Implied you were a fake and informed you that they had promptly stopped listening?


10.48 We all need to know what neutral is so that we can pick and chose consciously

15.00 Patterns and behaviours affect your ability to create a dynamic experience with your voice in whatever work you chose.

15.23 You need to know the patterns and behaviours. If you don’t,  you are not going to make an impact because you are relying on habitual patterns

15.39 We adopt and align to, that we have been exposed to; physical and cultural influences and particularly family.

18.54 When I look back to 2009 I didn't have my own voice.

36.20 Notice, allow and keep talking.


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