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Dec 23, 2021

Podcast Intro:

Harmony with the natural world. 

Place Philosophy provides services and programs that seek to inspire and empower collaborative leadership and wellbeing in urban professionals, to enable personal and planetary thrive. Our belief in both inner transformation and systemic and cultural change guides everything we do. 

Our programming is an invitation to embark on a transformational journey to regenerative leadership. Through workshops and ongoing immersive experiences, we embed wellbeing in all we do and explore the design of a new paradigm and the leadership attributes needed at this time.

How can we increase our collective capacity to become active regeneration agents in our communities and ecosystems? Undoubtedly, we live in a time marked by great upheaval and volatility, and all political and business leaders are being forced to cope with rising challenges. 

We can see an organization’s place within its surrounding environment, its ecosystem. Suppose we apply living-systems logic to product design, organizational culture, and our being. Embracing this regenerative approach to leadership won’t change things, and it requires patience, practice, and compassion for ourselves and others. We invited Jamie Hogan to discuss his approach that values every life and a new leadership logic where organizations flourish, ecosystems thrive, and people feel alive is what Regenerative Leadership is all about.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How does Jamie get into the whole regenerative movement?
  • What is the death of a hero?
  • Upscaling people - a catalyst in the community
  • The connection between dharma and regenerative design -
  • What is a regenerative living roadmap
  • Design skills to bring regenerative design and thinking into your work, 
  • What is regenerative leadership?
  • How can you build a better, stronger, smarter ecosystem of business?



  • Cate and her team developed passive leadership to help others get better at leadership.
  • Cate explains why yoga health coaches needed more experience to accomplish their job.
  • Cate shares when she developed Pbook in July, she tried to help people in determining what is waste and what are waste products.


  • 08:06 - Regenerative Leadership Space
  • 09:49 - Localization of Ecosystem
  • 15:17 - Regenerative Landscape
  • 24:02 - Integrating Nature and Art
  • 29:24 - Regenerative practice designing the conditions for life
  • 31:59 - “Transplanting” Culture
  • 45:11 - System Thinking Level
  • 46:24 - System Alternatives


  • “There are so many amazing people who have these visions for a better world, but we’re not supporting them to actually be able to stay in those professions.”
  • “You kind of want to set up the intelligence of the system that then self-perpetuates and continues to be creative and evolve so that you could if you needed to step out, and the system has the intelligence itself.”
  • “It becomes self-perpetuating, like the life of the culture becomes a thing of its own, and it wants to find other places to grow.”
  • “We start with the habits. You will spend a whole year learning how to think in the living systems context. And to start, we’ll start with ourselves because it’s the easiest way to start.”
  • “If you’re not a yoga teacher, then don’t try to be a yoga teacher. Be what you are because you’re needed in your community, to serve your community and not the other communities.”

Guest Bio: Jaime Hogan

Jaime has a diverse spatial and policy skillset having worked across architecture, urban design, and strategic planning in government and private organizations around Sydney. Jaime has designed and delivered sustainable solutions in bespoke residential architecture, prepared complex structure plans to guide inner-city renewal in some of Sydney’s most recognized centers, and prepared strategic plans and policies for the Local Government. Jaime is actively involved in the Planning Institute of Australia, supporting the institute in preparing policies and campaigns for climate change, building sustainability, and social issues. Jaime has also chaired the Education Subcommittee for two years, creating a fresh program of continuing education and development for planning professionals.

Having qualified as a yoga and meditation teacher in 2015, Jaime also regularly curates workshops, courses, and public classes to offer the community regenerative wellbeing practices grounded in traditional yoga and Ayurveda, and emerging behavioral- and neuro-science.

Jaime’s work supports her belief that urban professionals must own their duty as custodians of the built and natural environment to create environmentally sustainable, equitable, and engaging places for all. She knows that this kind of leadership takes a resilient mindset and rhythmic wellbeing that is deeply attuned to place and practiced in the community.

Jaime founded Place Philosophy in 2021 to bridge the gap between leadership education, wellbeing, and regenerative practices.